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by Vidalico Digital


Not every tool and strategy applies to your business at all times, and therefore our mission is to design and implement the right marketing mix to help you grow.

Icons_inbound_marketing INBOUND MARKETING We help your business attract, engage and delight your ideal customers with the relevant information at the right time.  
Icons_lead_generation LEAD NURTURING

Keep your prospects engaged and guide them through their buying journey with the right content at the right time. 

Icons_sales_automation MARKETING AUTOMATION We use HubSpot to run your inbound marketing strategy, optimizing each step of your marketing funnel.  
Icons_maas LinkedIn Lead Generation Connect with your ideal customers through our dedicated LinkedIn outreach campaigns.  
Icons_crm Social Media Strategy We help you reach your target audience by focusing on the right channels.  
Icons_process_start Marketing Strategy We help you formulate a marketing strategy that drives sales and generates growth.  



Frequently Asked Questions


Inbound marketing is a strategy focusing on attracting, engaging, and delighting your visitors.

Attract: visitors to your website. By implementing a content strategy, you start establishing your authority and increasing awareness.

Engage: Once you have their attention, start a conversation and build long-lasting relationships. Use conversion tools to capture the information of those interested in your business.

Delight: Create smart content your prospects find valuable and start contextual conversations.

The buying behaviour has changed. So has the way people communicate. Growing your business poses new challenges, and inbound marketing can help overcome those hurdles.

If done right, this holistic approach has numerous benefits:

  • Simplifies the job of the sales and marketing teams

  • Builds brand authority, increases awareness, and establishes trust and credibility

  • Results in a lower cost per generated lead

  • Generates leads and quality traffic

  • Results continue to compound even after you scale down (exponential impact).


The ultimate goal of marketing is to support your business’ growth by attracting and retaining customers. The inbound methodology has been proven to be one of the most effective strategies for online growth. It supports your business in all stages of development.

Here are some reasons you should consider inbound marketing:

  • Your ideal customers are spending a whole lot of time and money online

  • Your customers look for information, ask questions and search online for valuable content

  • You’re getting visitors but fail to convert them into leads

  • Outbound efforts don’t provide the same ROI (cold calls, events, advertising in print magazines) as they used to.

  • You don’t see results from your current marketing efforts, and you don’t know what works and what does not

  • You do not have an overview of your overall marketing activities and budget spending.

What is Marketing as a Service? Marketing as a Service (MaaS) has emerged as an outsourcing service meant to fill in the gaps for businesses that need to scale up their operations. MaaS can become a game changer for small and medium businesses, impacting the performance, scalability and flexibility, leaving room to innovate, experiment and grow.
Is Marketing as a Service for me?

Small and medium-sized businesses need to think outside their organization if they want sustained growth and profitability. Marketing agencies that offer MaaS take control of the digital marketing roadmap of the business, maximising limited resources. Outsourcing your digital marketing needs will bring more expertise, save you money and allow you to focus on business development. To decide if MaaS is for you, start by assessing the needs of your organisation and identify the essential areas that can benefit from external marketing resources.

Marketing as a Service is for you if:

  • You are overworked and understaffed

  • You spread yourself too thin to manage all the tasks internally

  • You lack the expertise to enhance execution

  • You don’t have meaningful interaction with your customers

  • You want to scale up with fewer costs

  • You suffer from poor execution and miss deadlines

  • You want sustained growth and quicker profitability

  • You are trying to enter new markets, launch new products or try new channels but your resources are limited

  • You don’t find time to experiment and innovate.


Marketing automation enables businesses to automate certain repetitive tasks such as social media, emails, and website-related actions with the help of software such as Hubspot. While marketing automation has many benefits (nurturing prospects, turning leads into delighted customers, bringing significant revenue, and providing great ROI), it can’t replace all your marketing efforts.

You can think of marketing automation as the fuel that powers your engine. If you can consistently generate relevant content, you are ready to set the wheels in motion.

Marketing automation is for your business when:

  • Your sales and marketing teams are not efficiently working toward the same goal(s)

  • You want more transparency in your marketing and sales efforts

  • You want to grow your business faster with fewer costs

  • Instead of focusing on strategic initiatives, you spend time on manual, repetitive, and inefficient tasks

  • You can’t scale up because of a lack of resources

  • Your competition is always leading the way and you can’t catch up

  • You have trouble showing the results of your hard work to executives

  • You have the spray and pray approach: send email blasts to everyone because there is no time to organize, target, and segment your audience.

Benefits of marketing automation:

  • Save time: marketing automation supports your creative process by allowing you to speed up time-consuming tasks so you can focus on strategizing.

  • Save money: invest wisely and put more time and energy into sales, getting new customers, and allowing your team members to focus on delivering outstanding results.

  • Scale: while you grow you need more resources to meet new challenges. Automation matches your long-term goals.

  • Stronger teams: sales and marketing teams will work more efficiently and focus on new challenges.

Why Do I Need a Social Media Strategy?

More than increasing your followers and website traffic, with our Social Media Services we aim to find new followers and subscribers that matter and add value to your business. Following industry best practices, Vidalico social media tactics are designed around your business objectives to help you:

  • Find new prospects and customers

  • Spread the word about your product or service

  • Connect with your audience in relevant places

  • Promote your business with social ads

  • Build trust and brand recognition

  • Improve SEO